Saturday, January 17, 2009

First post

I've done most of my writing over at livejournal, and most of those have been locked posts at that.

This blog will be about my journey through grief.

I'm not sure how it will turn out, whether I'll make it through or not.

M was the love of my life. I knew he was my soul mate the first moment that he put his arms around me at the end of our first actual time spent together outside of work, and he knew I was his.

I met M at work. I knew him initially as the "Man from Vermont" or the "Lobster Claw" a nickname given to him by a co-worker given to his very ingrained handshake to women.

He was taught from an early age that women were fragile, and to complicate this, he was 6'4" inches tall and weighed well over 300 lbs.

He was the most gentle man that I have ever met.

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